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A brief Story......
 This academy came into existence under the Dakshinayan Educational Society with the view of empowering education among young minds. This institution took root in the year 2004 with lone student from neighbourhood, Vaibhav Gautam - presently perusing Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. The momentum of nurturing pupils with a distinct approach - student centric brought proudest movement in Daksh's journey when in 2007 - nine jewels of Academy secured fabulous 90+ to show the presence of Academy in the Institutional Industry. This trend of achievement took us to ascent year after year.

Toppers of Academy....

2004 Radhika : (Math-92, Sci-95)

2005 Sambhav Jain : (Math: 100, Sci-97)

2006 Savya Sachi Sharma : (Math: 96, Sci-99)

2007 Divya Gupta : (Math: 98, Sci-99)

2008 Rahul Sahu : (Math: 99, Sci-97)

2009 Akshay : (Math: 99, Sci-97)

2010 Rahul Sahu : (Phy-89, Math-95)
          Saubhik Dutta Roy : (Act-95, Eco-92)

2011 Pratiksha Tiwari : (Math-89, Eco-97, Eng-91)
Dhruv Bakshi : (Math-93, Chem-89, Phy-90)
Gaurav Pande : (Math-A1, Sci-A1, Eng-A1)
Sumedha Jain : (Math-A1, Sci-A1, Eng-A1)
2012 Akshay Khandewal : (Math-97, Phy-93, Chem-95)
Harshit Garg : (Math-95, Acc-95, Eco-80, Eng-87)
Sarthak Bhatt : (Math-A1, Sci-A1)

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