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The Role of the Tutor
In the Daksh Academy Smart Tuitions system, the role of the tutor is critical. The tutor is central to the teaching effort, and the person to whom the students look up for guidance. The Daksh Academy Smart Tuitions content is therefore designed to support the tutor completely. Lesson plans have already been carefully thought through, question sheets and notes are now provided in an organised form in the shape of various student materials. Question papers are set and evaluated centrally. All of this leaves the tutor to focus on what is most important, i.e. the student. The tutor can now focus entire attention to observing students, noting their individual strengths, inclinations, behaviours; and then to prepare an individual remedial path for each student. The remediation session of each week enables this to happen.

Daksh Academy Smart Tuitions follows a rigorous selection process to ensure the quality of its faculty. All faculties have to clear tests which evaluate their subject knowledge as well as teaching skills. Once they clear these gates, they go through training in the Daksh Academy Smart Tuitions methodology, and are asked to demonstrate their understanding by taking mock class sessions. All of our faculties are required to complete this certification process before they can teach at our centre.

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