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Individual Improvement Plans
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
– Albert Einstein

The above observation is very apt for growing children. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses. The things they are interested in and shine at may change as they grow. It is very important to understand that weaknesses of a child are not permanent traits, but they indicate the areas that may need special attention. For good and effective teaching, teachers must diagnose the weaknesses and strengths of their students, and use that knowledge to plan and implement ‘Individual Improvement Plans’ for each student.
The strengths and weaknesses can be specific skills or study habits. Daksh Academy Smart Tuitions Teachers are encouraged to understand their students through two ways:
First, by using the Developmental Reports, which diagnose the topics and categories of the questions the students are weak or strong in, and also helps understand what kind of mistakes the child is usually making. For instance, is the child prone to careless mistakes, or are errors happening because of language comprehension issues or lack of concept clarity.

Second by observing the student in every-day class situations, such as in answering questions in class, in the nature of questions raised by the student, and in the speed and quality of class-work and homework completed.

Based on such observations, the teacher makes a list of weaknesses and strengths of each student, including the better students. Even otherwise good students, who are getting marks in the 90% plus category, may have weaknesses in specific topics or even in behavioral areas such as over-confidence, or poor study methods.

Teacher should encourage the students to set goals and should motivate them to achieve it. A typical target could be an improvement of 10-20% over the previous result.

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