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Foundation is Future
During the Daksh Academy journey several PTMs for parents on the topic ‘Foundation is Future’ has been organized. The PTMs helped parents to explore the two aspects of the theme; what the future offers to young students as they grow and step into the world of careers, and how strong fundamentals are key to realizing these opportunities.

The fact is that many of the coveted colleges and work-streams have entrance tests, that have to be negotiated first, and for many of these entrance tests, two subjects are critical, Maths and English. And then you have Science which is critical for careers in engineering, medicine, and similar fields. Depending on a student’s choice of career path, doing well in these subjects is the first step towards assuring a good career.

This is where Daksh Academy comes in. Daksh Academy methodology ensures that fundamentals are learnt. We do that by consciously calling out concepts in our lessons and illustrating their application both visually and through some activity. Our 5 step methodology ensures that students go through a cycle of learning, which includes practice, testing, and remediation. Our remediation is focused on improving the identified weak areas, so that the student works smartly rather than just hard.

The thing about fundamentals is that they build on top of each other; so if you do not get the right understanding of a concept at the right time, it weakens the base to assimilate new learning. That is why Daksh Academy offers classes from Class 4 onwards. Middle school is when many of the key concepts in Maths and Science get taught in schools, and middle school is the time, students should get them right. If they can do so on their own steam, well and good. If they require tuitions, there is no better alternative than Daksh Academy!

* This article has been written by Daksh Academy (www.Daksh as a part of its endeavour to spread awareness in the areas of Maths, Curriculum and Standards. Daksh Academy is committed to providing school going children with whole brain learning through neighborhood tuition center.
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