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  • Spoken English & Personality Development
    Fluency in English is essential for professional and personal growth as well as success in all sectors of life. Therefore Daksh Academy, provides different courses as per the need. It offers various courses for students (all age group), working individuals, housewives etc.

    Daksh Academy acknowledges and recognizes the shortcomings; people in India face while communicating in English languages. We strive tireless to improve upon this area. Again the grey areas of the students remain the focus of our trainers. The module is written keeping them in mind and is kept revising from time to time. Our classes are uniquely designed to learning out the capabilities of the students, at the same time also providing them with useful inputs on communication methods, both verbal and non-verbal. Our lessons are not merely confined to clearing doubts about grammar concepts but focus on the usage. This is done by encouraging the student to speak (on various topics provided by trainers), make presentations or perform unprepared role-plays. Also the teacher provides a personal touch by individualizing the lessons to make the students feel important and wanted.
    Courses details are:
    • Spoken English Basic Course
    • Spoken English Advance Course
    • Spoken English Comprehensive Course
    • Customised Course
    • Personality Development
  • Student will be exposed to:
    • Scenario based teaching
    • Story Narration
    • Newspaper Reading
    • Daily Vocabulary
    • Creative Writing
    • Un-prepared role plays
    • Make presentations
  • Language Courses:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • English
    • Hindi
  • IT Foundation Courses
  • Graduation Courses
    • B.Com
    • BBA
    • BA
    • BBS
    • BBE
  • Post Graduation Courses
    • M.Com
    • MBA
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